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Louise Gutierrez

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About me

LUI is OPEN TO COLLABORATIONS, FEATURES, ADVERTISEMENTS, SPONSORSHIPS, and the likes... :) TO CONTACT LUI send an e-mail to: oh_its_lui@yahoo.com or Send an SMS to this number: 0917-813-92-57 (FOR SHOE INQUIRIES: orders and CUSTOM MADE)

Louise Angelica Gutierrez, often referred to as LUI is a full blooded PAULINIAN, having been with St. Paul's for 16 consecutive years. She is onto her new venture, A SHOE DESIGNER and OWNER of LUI GUTIERREZ SHOE LINE She was a former writer/contributor for MOD Magazine and was one of the Ten Outstanding Students of Makati City, Philippines. She appeared in various commercials and does hosting. Now a registered nurse who has a love affair with fashion and arts, she is a clothing chameleon and an old soul with a passion for literature. Join her as she takes on this venture, codifying thoughts worthy of its beauty. FEEL FREE TO COMMENT and ASK HER ANYTHING. :) xoxo, Lui.

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