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Rebecca Sullivan

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About me

I’m Rebecca, a style and cost-conscious mother of 2 teenagers. I’m a CPA by profession but I’ve always been passionate about writing and dressing up since I was a kid. My style is essentially classic and easy-going with touches of corporate chic due to the demands and expectations of my profession.

Already in my late 40s, I’m not out to compete with these pretty and fashion-forward 20 to 30-something bloggers. I absolutely admire these awesome young ladies and are definitely one of my inspirations for starting this blog.

Much as I would love to have the latest “IT” bag, a front row seat at the Fashion Week, and all the top luxury brands at my beck and call, I love the thrill of saving a couple of bucks by finding a good deal, remixing and shopping in my closet……and living in Los Angeles makes it all fun and easy.

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